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(including, in italics, titles of common translations not in this book)



230      A boy is born in Bethlehem

71        A child is born in Bethlehem

72        A Lamb goes out and bears the shame

72        A Lamb goes uncomplaining forth

70        A mighty fortress is our God

127      Ah, holy Jesu, how hast thou offended

15        All depends on our possessing

13        All glory be to God on high

73        All I need, O Lord, this only

67        All mankind fell in Adam’s fall

12        All men living are but mortal

88        All my heart this night rejoices

239      All praise and honor be on high

90        All praise, O Lord, to you

46        All praise to God Almighty

91        All praise to Thee, Eternal Lord

283      All those whom God protects are safe

19        Almighty God so loved the world

14        Alone in you, Lord Jesus Christ

208      And now another day is past

204      Arise, my soul, now is the time

132      As just a lost and helpless figure

76        Awake, my feeble spirit, wake

22        Awake, my heart, and wake up, you my mind

21        Awake, my heart, with gladness

260      Awake, my heart, with singing


32        Be thou with me

259      Before thy throne I now appear

259      Before your throne I now draw near

127      Beloved Jesus, what were your offenses

20        Beside the streams of Babylon

240      Blessed is that spirit

179      Blessed Jesus, at thy word

76        Break forth, o beauteous heavenly light

237      Bridegroom of my soul


34        Christ is arisen, first out of Death's prison

35        Christ Jesus lay in death's strong chains

159      Christ, the life of all the living

43        Christ the Lord is risen

42        Christ, our Savior and our light

87        Christians, time for celebration

172      Come and let the Lord now show you

200      Come Christians, let us all rejoice

184      Come Christians, let your praises soar

165      Come, God, Creator, Holy Ghost

165      Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire

167      Come, Holy Spirit, our Lord God

168      Come, Jesus, come

197      Come, let us join our cheerful songs

166      Come, o Holy Spirit

169      Come, sweet death; come, blessed rest

171      Come unto me, says God’s own Son

169      Come, welcome death; come, blessed rest

249      Comfort, comfort now my people

30        Commit your ways and worries


200      Dear Christians, one and all rejoice

177      Dear Lord God, my time is flying

179      Dear Lord Jesus, we are here

178      Dearest Immanuel, prince of your people

179      Dearest Jesus, we are here

235      Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness

255      Do not despair, o little flock

186      Do what you will, dear God, with me

194      Don’t be envious, do not brood


277      Earthly honor, worldly stuff

209      Eternity, you thundrous word


248      Faithful God, I lay before thee

248      Faithful God, to you I’m groaning

94        Father God, be by our side

190      Follow Jesus, come what may

258      From God shall naught divide me

256      From heaven above I come to you

256      From heaven above to earth I come

257      From heaven the host of angels came

256      From highest heaven I come to you

241      From the bottom of our hearts

26        From the depths I cry in need

88        Full of joy my heart is springing


47        Give thanks to God our Lord, for grace and favor

69        Glory be to you, O Christ, who suffered pain

101      God be merciful and gracious to us

97        God gave to us His gospel Word

95        God in your great goodness

99        God is alive

98        God is my comfort and my help

98        God is my strong salvation

99        God liveth still

19        God loved the world so that he gave

164      God never has forsaken

96        God now ascends to heaven

94        God the Father, be our stay

103      God’s own Son came to us

148      Good Christian friends, [/men] rejoice

254      Grant peace we pray, in mercy, Lord

81        Great God, what do I see and hear

233      Guilty sinners, you caused this misery


105      Have you, dear Jesus, now hidden your countenance

274      Heart, let go of all those feelings

107      Help celebrate God’s goodness

131      Help, Lord Jesus, in these hours

130      Help me, O God, to praise you

131      Help us Lord, behold we enter

106      Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth

298      How blest are those, who like a child

289      How bright appears [/lovely shines] the Morning Star


141      I call to you, Lord Jesus Christ

125      I love you Lord, with all my heart

142      I stand beside your manger here

134      I thank you, God, for all the good

136      I thank you, God, through your dear Son

137      I thank you, O Lord God in highest heaven

135      I thank you, my dear Savior

25        I trust my loving God

189      I will never leave my Lord

262      If God had not been on our side

295      If God were not there by our side

284      If you but trust in God to guide you

32        If you’re with me

294      Immanuel, we bring you praise

145      In all that I am trying

23        In Christ's Ascension is my hope

148      In dulci jubilo

140      In God I lay my cares to rest

25        In God, my faithful God

192      In peace and joy I go my way

192      In peace and joy I now depart

193      In the middle of our lives

193      In the midst of earthly life

146      In thee, Lord, have I put my trust

57        In this our happy Christmastide

147      In you is gladness

146      In you, O Lord, I’ve put my trust

247      In your anger, spare me Lord

296      Is God withdrawing? All the cost

80        It is enough; Lord, take my soul to you

187      It’s time to close my eyes: O God, your name be blest


150      Jesus, all your tribulation

163      Jesus Christ, my sure defense

161      Jesus Christ our only Savior

162      Jesus Christ, our Savior God sent

238      Jesus, hail to you, my treasure

163      Jesus is my confidence

154      Jesus, Jesus, you are mine

157      Jesu, joy of our [/man’s] desiring

153      Jesus, life of all my living

159      Jesus, life of all my living

158      Jesus, my own heart’s best friend

156      Jesus, priceless treasure

151      Jesus, you are my soul’s Savior

157      Jesus, you are my soul’s treasure

155      Jesus, you our Savior dear

152      Jesus, you who tasted death


173      Kyrie, God Father in heaven above


176      Leave aside your tears and crying

175      Let fear and pain go far away

123      Let not your anger fall on me

224      Lift up your eyes to Jesus Christ

96        Lo, God to heaven ascenders

236      Look up to thy God again

299      Lord, enter in your doors to me

109      Lord God, we all to thee give praise

109      Lord God we bring you thanks and praise

110      Lord God, we worship thee

110      Lord God, your praise we sing

124      Lord, have your way

290      Lord, how shall I embrace you

212      Lord, I desire to keep your law

174      Lord, I pray you, come and hear me

138      Lord, I rejoice in you

112      Lord, I think about that time

56        Lord is my shepherd, The

114      Lord Jesus Christ, be present now

114      Lord Jesus Christ, come near to us

212      Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only Son

117      Lord Jesus Christ, I cry to you

118      Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly know

1          Lord Jesus Christ stay with us now

116      Lord Jesus Christ, the highest good

108      Lord Jesus Christ, the only, God’s own eternal Son

120      Lord Jesus Christ, true man, true God

1          Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide

115      Lord Jesus Christ, you have prepared

63        Lord Jesus Christ, you Prince of Peace

119      Lord Jesus, light for my life long

217      Lord Jesus, light for my life long

75        Lord, keep us steadfast in thy Word

121      Lord, now let your servant depart in peace

122      Lord, now let your servant, tired of life and weary

111      Lord, open heaven’s door to me

56        Lord's my shepherd, true indeed, The

252      Lord’s Prayer, The

125      Lord, thee I love with all my heart

113      Lord, to you I make confession


188      Magnificat

231      Make of me, God, according to your will

82        Mouth of fools doth God confess, The

49        My comfort is in Jesus Christ

258      My God I'll not abandon

139      My heart and soul belong to God

216      My heart is full of terror and confusion

263      My heart, why be upset again

27        My inmost heart now raises

41        My life, O Christ, is in you

188      My soul magnifies the Lord my Savior

205      My soul, now praise your Maker

31        My troubled heart, be of good cheer


293      Nicene Creed, The

59        Nightfall is coming

247      Not in anger, mighty God

207      Now all the woods are resting

92        Now be contented and seek stillness

59        Now God be with us

243      Now Jesus, you go to your fate

197      Now let us all bring thanks and praise

77        Now let us greet this marvelous day

244      Now must you say, Lord Jesus, your farewell

40        Now praise we Christ, the holy One

198      Now thank we all our God

208      Now that the day has reached its end

207      Now woods and fields are sleeping

121      Nunc dimittis


            [O, see also Oh]

226      O almighty Father, our God

38        O Christ, defender of your congregation

39        O Christ, the Lamb of God

40        O Christ, to you all praise be done

33        O Christ who makes the day shine bright

37        O Christ, you are both day and light

273      O come, my soul, why do you fret with sadness

225      O darkest woe!  Tears, overflow

127      O dearest Jesus, what law hast thou broken

299      O enter, Lord, thy temple

53        O Father Almighty, we praise your great glory

102      O Father, send your Spirit now

74        O God, be merciful to me

5          O God, look down from heaven and see

93        O God of Light, each day arise

210      O God, my faithful God

232      O God, see how my enemies

100      O God, we praise you, bless you

270      O God, what you ordain is right

29        O gracious Father, mighty God

57        O happy day of Jesus' birth

211      O Holy Spirit, comfort, advice

196      O Holy Spirit, we pray to you

218      O Jesus, bridegroom of my heart

220      O Jesus, how your sacred form

219      O Jesus, my desire

221      O Jesus, you dear and gracious child

222      O Lamb of God, most holy

222      O Lamb of God, who, sinless

271      O let my Father’s will be done

89        O let our joy be ringing

221      O little one sweet, o little one mild

173      O Lord God, Father in eternity

141      O Lord my God, I cry to thee

215      O Lord my God, your holy Word

133      O Lord, you hold me in your might

223      O man, bewail your grievous sin

64        O Man of Sorrows, you were by the Father offered

85        O may the Lord grant us his grace

225      O misery, o heartfelt grief

289      O Morning Star, in beauty bright [/how fair and bright]

286      O my mind, rejoice; bear witness

86        O my soul, in celebration

214      O sacred head, now wounded

229      O we poor sinners, what is it we've done

251      O world, I want to leave you

210      O you most faithful God

4          Oh God and Lord

3          Oh God, have mercy on us

2          Oh God, please listen to my sighs and pleading

6          Oh God, what heartbreak is my load

228      Oh, how blest are you whose toils are ended

11        Oh how fleeting, how defeating

89        Oh let our joy be ringing

290      Oh Lord, how shall I meet you

7          Oh Lord, in your displeasure

66        Oh, this world is like a castle

48        Old year now has passed away, The

103      Once He came in blessing

252      Our Father in eternity

252      Our Father, thou in heaven above

203      Our God and Master praising

70        Our God is a secure defense

83        Our guardian angels worship

28        Out of the depths I cry to you


254      Peace in our time we ask, O Lord

180      Praise be to our Almighty God

91        Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ

109      Praise God, from whom all blessings flow

104      Praise God, my life is nearly ending

183      Praise God the Lord, our Master

184      Praise God the Lord, Ye Sons of Men

181      Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation

75        Protect us with your scriptures, Lord


199      Rejoice, you children of our God

253      Remember me, remember me

195      Remove from us, O faithful God

24        Rise, my heart, and greet the day

185      Rise, my soul, to watch and pray

236      Rise up to your God, my soul


79        Salvation for us has arrived

79        Salvation unto us is come

201      Savior of the nations, come

84        See, the Day of Judgment is approaching

227      See, world, thy life assailed

246      Should I be forever singing

242      Sing a new song to the Lord

144      Sing, you stars, you winds, rejoicing

261      Sleepers wake, a voice astounds us

245      So speaks our God: by my own breath

235      Soul, adorn yourself with graces

195      Spare us, O faithful God, we pray


8          Take heart, beloved Christians all

110      Te Deum

61        Ten Commandments, The

81        The day is surely drawing near

58        The Holy Spirit's mercy came

191      The last season of my life

56        The Lord’s my shepherd and my rock

56        The Lord's my shepherd, true indeed

82        The mouths of fools recite their creeds

50        The newborn child we celebrate

48        The old year now has passed away

60        The sun has set, in brilliant glow descended

17        The very night he was betrayed

271      The will of God is always best

20        There by the streams of Babylon

61        These are the holy ten commands

54        Think on this, o human children

282      Those who trust God have built a house

            [Thou - see also You]

159      Thousand, thousand thanks are due [refrain]

67        Through Adam's fall things fell apart

243      Thy Cross, o Jesus, thou didst bear

13        To God alone on high be praise

182      To God be praises, for his mercy to us

51        To God the Father, Spirit, Son

160      To Jesus praise be given

36        To Jordan's bank Lord Jesus went

62        To you, Jehovah, I am singing

250      Today for us a Child is born

78        Today is risen Christ the Lord

128      Today, o people, is a mournful day

129      Today's the triumph of God's Son

213      Tremendous God of power


261      Wake, awake, for night is flying

293      We all believe in one true God

293      We all believe in the one and only God

291      We Christian folk now all rejoice

291      We Christians may rejoice today

202      We lay this body now to rest

196      We now implore God the Holy Ghost

206      We praise the mercy of our most loving God

292      We thank you, Jesus Christ our Lord

12        We will all one day be dying

223      Weep for your awful sin, o man

265      What all the wisdom in the world

10        What can I, a poor sinner

270      What God does always is the best

268      What is the world to me

234      What is this miracle we see

269      What makes you, evil Herod, fear

9          What’s the point of death, indeed

288      When and where will I be able

18        When forty days since Easter's end

280      When I arrive at my last day

278      When ill misfortune comes your way

279      When in distress I lift my eyes to you on high

281      When in our hour of utmost need

45        When Jesus hung upon the cross

280      When my last hour is close at hand

45        When on the cross the Savior hung

16        When our most loving God

44        When to the table Jesus came

281      When we are in profound distress

170      When will we see, O Lord, your promised coming

297      Where can I run away

149      While God is with me on my way

285      Who knows how soon my end is coming

285      Who knows when Death may overtake me

266      Why are you cast down within me

272      Why are you now so troubled

287      Why are you troubled, my soul, and so downcast

269      Why, Herod, unrelenting foe

267      Why, o my soul, are you so sad and weary

264      Why should sorrow overcome me

126      With all my heart I’m longing

275      World, adieu; I'm weary of you

275      World, farewell, of thee I’m tired

227      World, see the cross, what’s found there

276      World, you can rant and rave forever


143      You chosen Christian people

65        You Prince of Life, Lord Jesus Christ

55        You who are three in unity

68        Your prison, Lord, has paid the price

52        Your will be done


300      Zion cries with pain and suffers

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